Frequently Asked Questions

How does the file upload work?
FCKeditor Info
I want to do something extra when a form is submitted - can I?
How do I make the selectbox_other feature work?
How do I email the user after he/she submits a form?
How do I selectively display a field?
Will you help me do...?
What does _X_ file do?
I have 2 fields that should have the same value but I don't want to make the user fill out both fields. How can I assign the value of one to the other?
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    1. As the one who wrote the script it is often difficult to know what others will find difficult to understand. I would definitely welcome user contributions for the FAQ, especially things you figure out on your own and can thus describe to others who might have the same issue(s). Also note that in setup process there are help alerts for each stage/option. For example, for dropdowns (selectbox) on STEP 6 you will see a column titled "Populate With…" If you click that heading you get the following in an alert box:

      Use this field to specify what content fills a selectbox. There are 2 choices:

      1. An array of choices (format: choice1_value=>choice1_display, choice2_value=>choice2_display)
      Note: don't surround choices with quotation marks

      2. An sql query (format: select * from subjects)

      Note: if you need a WHERE clause, escape any quote marks (e.g., WHERE user="$user")

      If that's still not clear, please let me know.

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