Other Form Generating Scripts

Other form generating scripts

I hope you will find phpAddEdit Form Generator to be useful and suited to your specific needs, but in the spirit of openness, below are some alternative scripts you may also consider (in no specific order). Do note that I haven’t tested all (or most) of these myself and so I am making no comments on the quality of any of them. Also note any prices listed may be out of date.

Free Programs

Commercial Programs

Other Programs

  • Formsite: I haven’t fully investigated this site, but it seems to be a very robust online form builder. You can choose to design a form based on an existing template (they have over 100) or from scratch. I don’t know exactly what to say about this site. One the one hand, their feature list is great and their customization abilities are very impressive. They also offer a free account option where you can create and download form HTML. On the other hand, the primary business model appears to be charging monthly fees to host the forms and subsequent processing. So, if you want to integrate the form with your site and especially a database, it won’t be very helpful.
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