Known Bugs, Missing Features, To-Do, etc.

  • Add more and/or improve help comments on the various step pages
  • Currently, the script outputs text announcing that the form was submitted successfully or not (and an RSS feed was created and ping submitted if relevant). I should make this optional…
  • Database support – currently, only MySQL is supported. Also, I am not sure whether I should open and close the DB within the render script or leave that up to the user’s script…
  • Security – I only have a basic knowledge of security issues so I can’t say exactly how secure this script is. I believe it is relatively secure but I would love to get some feedback from more knowledgeable users.
  • Ping feature – Currently the ping feature includes pingomatic, yahoo and tecnorati. I can ping lots of different blog directories and maybe I should allow users decide which ones?
  • Add support for multiple languages
  • Add security image (CAPTCHA) feature as an option
  • Add Akismet support
  • Investigate permissions – need to be 777 vs. 755? Security issues for 777?
  • Support for magic_quotes on or off – I think this script will work with magic_quotes set to on or off but I haven’t tested that yet…
  • New special form elements to add – URL, email address, integer
  • Add a close button (for popups)
  • The url check works for formatting but is not stable for status check so need to find a better script…
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