Installation Instructions

Just copy all the files to a directory on your server and make the directory writeable (chmod 777 will work). Then view the /install/ page and enter the basic information requested – that’s it!

You will need 4 pieces of information:

  • Database host (sometimes ‘localhost’)
  • Database name (e.g., ‘mydb’)
  • Database user (e.g., ‘root’)
  • Database password

Email Template

If you use the email option and choose HTML formatting, a template will be used. That template is found in the file:
    email_template.php in the includes directory
You should edit that file to suit your needs. The key point is to leave the line
    $body .= $mailBody;
in place.

FCK Editor

If you want to use the textarea_FCK field, but are already using a version of FCK editor, you can edit the
config.php file to specify a location for the script to find your FCK editor installation.

Updating Instructions

To upgrade, I recommend downloading the changed files collection from sourceforge rather than the entire collection of files. This collection will never include the user-specific (customization) files. If you do download and copy over the entire collection of files, first save your user-specific files and then replace the defaults with those. The files to worry about are:

  • config.php
  • addedit-customize.php
  • addedit-error-check-custom.php
  • addedit-execute-custom.php
  • includes/email_template.php

    1. Thanks Patrik,

      I didn't put a ton of effort into the install script. I have now added some basic error checking to make sure the core fields are entered. Could be tightened up some more but should suffice.


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