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phpAddedit Form Generator
phpAddEdit Form Generator   GNU Lesser General Public License

Latest News

2013-Jan-27: Version 2.3 Released - A quick (one day) update. Version 2.2 fixed use of deprecated commands (it worked but threw php errors) and added support for the Bad Behavior script. Version 2.3 fixed a small error affecting the AJAX file upload form field, changed from a javascript alert box to the more robust jquery cluetip alert for help tips used in the form creation menu, and fixed a problem where the info gif image wouldn't show properly in some installations. See What's New for details.

About the phpAddEdit Form Generator Script

phpAddEdit is a menu-driven script that will allow you to generate forms to add and edit content in a MySQL database. Unlike other similar scripts out there, phpAddEdit allows your forms to handle multiple tables. It also has a rich feature set including instant setup, standard and custom form elements, validation (error checking - both via javascript and server-side php), CSS customization, javascript event support, robust layout options, customizable error and execute code, email and/or redirect on submit, dynamic element content, trackback support, automatic RSS creation (including auto pinging of blog directories), human verification, security features and more.

Why I Developed This Script

The simplest answer is that I couldn't find another script with the features I wanted (if one exists and I missed it please let me know). I run several websites and I had a first-generation attempt to simplify and standardize my various content add/edit needs but, as with so many things, it developed ad-hoc over time and was a bit of a mess. So, with a new, more demanding project in the works I decided it might be worth investing the time to do it right. Then I figured if it works pretty well, why not share it with the world.

I am NOT a professional programmer or a web developer - merely a do-it-yourself webmaster with modest programming skills. So, I really am not making this script available for any kind of recognition or glory and I make no claims to the technical beauty of the code. But, if it can be of help to someone else then why waste all my effort on just myself.

- Jeff Blum
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